Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Varri Green Farm

Varri Green Farm is a wonderful Natural vegetable producer in Okeechobee Florida.

Food Supply Crisis

Everything I read in the paper and on the internet, and every trend I see in the grocery store leads me to believe that our food system is about to have an upheaval. I think it will be tough for a while, and we consumers will suffer, but ultimately if we survive the food supply revolution we will wind up with a better way of feeding ourselves.

Crazy Hart Ranch

Linda Hart of Crazy Hart Ranch is raising pastured chickens and turkeys for the production of meat and eggs that are of a quality one can not find in the grocery store.

Composting 101

I was explaining to her that the bacterial action heated the compost pile.  “Does it smell?”  she asked me.   I was sitting next to a very smart college graphics student the other night.  I showed her my new design for my business card hoping to get some critical help.  “So you sell compost?” she…
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Soil Tilth And The No Till Garden

I am having a revolution in the garden of my mind. That garden happens long before I tie on a bandana, don gloves hat and clippers and walk out the door. As I prepare several of my garden sections for the South Florida Fall planting I am for the first time planning not to dig…
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Microbial Life of a Compost Pile

If you are expecting my science project here forget it. I have decided that if you want the down and dirty  on the microbial life of a compost pile you can check out this link for The Cornell Waste Management Institute at Cornell University. If you want to know the very specific science of the…
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The Compost Pile

I have been for many years creating compost for my vegetable garden by composting directly into fallow sections. I garden in South Florida. Our growing seasons are upside down here. Most of our vegetable growing is done in the winter when the humidity is down, and our lowest temperatures rarely make a frost. Summertime when…
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Weeds: Food For Rabbits

I recently acquired three female bunnies. Being a Manure Maven, and an avid gardener this was bound to happen. They were at Creature Safe Place in Fort Pierce Florida. They had been rescued. I adopted them. What I knew about bunnies that day you could write in a line or two. I have been reading.…
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Watch Full Movie Hold the Dark (2018)


Organic Gardening and Pest Control Issues

The longer I garden naturally the more I understand that there are just a few hard fast rules for how one manages or lives with the garden. The rest is fluid, not so rule bound. If it works right your organic garden is a part of your property’s micro-ecosystem. The rules I have chosen to…
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Watch Full Movie Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018)

“Chris And The Bunny Bunker”


I have some new friends. They are Rabbits. They are my guests, and they are my employees too. Here’s the deal; I adopted them from Creature Safe Place. They needed a loving home. I built them a bunker. O.k., it was supposed to be a hutch but it is so predator proof that I call…
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Pest Control?

I made the acquaintance of a lovely lady tonight. I am sure we will be fast friends. I was a guest in her home and I brought her a plant from my garden for hers. She recognized a garden advocate in me and asked me about how she might control some pesky caterpillars on her…
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Invertebrates of the Compost Pile

This is an excellent article from the Cornell Waste Management Web Site. I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to run right out and see how many of these invertebrates I can find in my compost heap. Invertebrates of the Compost Pile Written by Nancy Trautmann, Cornell Center for the Environment In…
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Watch Full Movie Summer ’03 (2018)


Ahhh Manure part 1

  Ahhhh Manure.  Where to start?  One can’t very well be a great natural gardener without recognizing the power of the poo, the might and magic of manure.   Manure is compost, manure can be added to compost, added to garden soil, or even used as a side dressing for established plants.      …
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Creature Safe Place

 Creature Safe Place is an awesome not for profit wildlife rescue organization as well as a great friend of ours here at Manure Depot.    My amazing friend Wynn with the help of her also amazing husband Bob nurse, house, rehabilitate, and sometimes provide hospice for injured wild life. At any given time at Creature Safe…
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Leaves: Black Gold

Leaves are gold.  Leaves are a compost lover’s dream.  If you want black gold for your vegetable garden there is nothing better than brown crunchy leaves, and up north a bit where many of the trees are deciduous that is the gold mine.     I grew up in Maryland in the suburbs.  My father…
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