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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Education: My 2012 Summer to Spring 2013 Class Schedule

Here is the schedule for the classes I am teaching at Heathcote Botanical Gardens thru the spring of 2013. If you click on the link below you can see the pdf poster with dates and times. The composting class has already gone by, however, if there are enough who are interested I would be glad…
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Education: What to Plant in The Summer Garden @ Heathcote Botanical Gardens

I am back in my own garden again with a vengeance after the permaculture workshop at Heathcote Botanical Gardens. Time is flying and I have begun to consider what I am planting this summer, and when. At 1:00 PM on Sunday February 5 at Heathcote Botanical Gardens I will be presenting a class on what…
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Education: Permaculture Workshop At Heathcote

Susana Lein has flown home to Salamander Springs Farm in Berea, KY and I am left with a moment to contemplate her visit and the permaculture workshop she presented at Heathcote Botanical Gardens. I expected the Workshop to fill, and it did, and I expected the class to be interesting. It was fascinating and fun.…
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Education: Full Day Permaculture Workshop @ Heathcote Botanical Gardens

There is a very good opportunity for continued learning for Permaculture enthusiasts. Permaculture Instructor Susana Lein of Salamander Farms in Berea Kentucky is coming to Heathcote Botanical Gardens to present a day long permaculture workshop. I will be assisting her. There will be a classroom presentation and then participants will be able to learn while…
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Education: The SSAWG Conference and the Permaculture Teacher

My friend Linda from Crazy Hart Ranch was going to attend the SSAWG Conference this year (2011) and she was offering to share her hotel room with me. I checked out the schedule of classes and found that SSAWG had begun to recognize the need to reach out to much smaller urban and suburban farmers. I saw that there was a Permaculture class offered, and a focus group for urban farmers.

Education: Florida Small Farms Conference, Part III

In the article Education: Florida Small Farms Conference, Part II, I was writing about the classes I took and I ended my article in the middle of the hydroponics class. I did this because I felt like the presenter Tim Blank and his hydroponic system deserved quite a few words. The most interesting presenter in…
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Education: Florida Small Farms Conference, Part II

In my last article Education: Florida Small Farms Conference I wrote a lot about what we were fed by farmers and ranchers while we attended the conference, and I wrote a lot about the issues facing small ranches in Florida. In this article I intend to mention the classes I attended, and what I took…
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Education: Florida Small Farms Conference

Last weekend I went to Kissimmee Florida for the Florida Small Farms Conference. I was one of 800 registered attendees. Saturday morning the opening address was given by the Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson. I was glad to hear him speak because it made me realize that those things…
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Dear Christine, Another Master Gardeners Article!

From my article Why Soil PH Matters I got a slammin’ comment from Christine. I was inspired by her comment to write this blog which is an open response to her comment. I think this also answers most questions experienced gardeners might have about whether or not the Master Gardeners program would benefit them. Christine,…
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Why Soil PH Matters

In my previous post The Master Gardeners Program I wrote about all of the new information I was assimilating. Being a long time gardener in South Florida I possess a bit of knowledge about all sorts of gardening, but there were some persistent mysteries for me. One particularly irritating gap in my knowledge was concerning…
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The Master Gardeners Program

Photos courtesy of Nichole Rouse I am in the Master Gardeners Program in St. Lucie County Florida. I signed up for it knowing that I might be exposed to information that would not please me, like how to use pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers, but I believed that even so there was so much resource…
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