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In The Garden: Growing Sweet Potatoes

This is a great time to be growing Sweet Potatoes in the garden. They don’t mind the weather this hot,and as long as they are in well drained soil they can take whatever rain we are getting. Sweet Potato slips planted now (July) here in S. Florida would be ready in time for Autumn dinners, […]

In The Garden: What Else Is Blooming

This site is primarily focused making soil and growing natural food, however the ecosystem we hope to make of our yards is dependent upon diversity. It is therefore appropriate to post some pics of what else is blooming in the garden this summer.

In The Garden: Starting Out

4X8 Mounds

South Florida in the garden: It is July now and you have decided that you want to be ready to grow vegetables for your family when our first planting time comes NEXT MONTH!?! Yes, some of us will start putting seeds in as soon as August. Don’t worry you don’t […]

Hey, In The Garden Straw Ain’t Hay!

When ranchers, farmers, feed store keepers and those of us in the garden talk about Hay and Straw we are talking about two very different commodities. When I say it is good to mulch with Straw I do mean straw, and not hay.

Hay and Straw come from the same plants. Hay is the top […]

June In The Organic Garden, S. Florida

It is June now and everything in my S. Florida organic garden is changing with our weather. The rainy season has commenced, and that means high temps and high humidity. Rain brings some wind and cooler temperatures and if the sun doesn’t come out again it will stay comfortable outdoors. If the sun comes out […]

Direct to Garden Composting for Busy Organic Gardeners

I have written about many different types of compost piles in the garden and I wanted to take some time to write about the way I made compost for my garden when my job kept me from home most of the days of the week.

Your preparations for the organic garden do not have to cost […]

More Organic Harvest Pictures

Oh gee, It is May now and I haven’t been posting pics from all the lovely food I have been growing. This is the season for changing from cool weather vegetables to warm season vegetables. These pics are from the beginning harvests of beans and the end of lettuce radishes, mustards, beats and large tomatoes. […]

Predaceous Insects: More On Organic Gardening and Insect Pests

Photos in this post have been taken from the internet. If I have taken a photo that belongs to you and that you do not care to share for this article please send me an email about it and I will take your picture down immediately.

In my Post Organic Gardening and Pest Control […]

The Story Of Lettuce The Frog

Last month my husband and I packed up the dogs and jumped into the van and drove to Maryland. His Dad was in the hospital and we were needed there to help out a little. Ten days later it was time for me to go, and my husband needed to stay longer. My brother and […]


Greenbrier, Catbrier, Horsebrier, Smilax from the family Smilacaceae is edible. Not just edible for my rabbits, it is also edible for me. Better than edible it tastes great. I have heard it called wild asparagus, and I have found pieces so vigorous and large that they resembled asparagus tips a little. Like asparagus the part […]

Yellow Queen Palm Experiment

I have a very small Queen Palm or Cocos Plumosa in some of the whitest soil on my property. That poor palm has been yellow for as long as I can remember. Over the course of many years I have done very little for it. I am sure that at least once I have put […]

Harvesting Swamp Cabbage

Over the course of this year we have had the good fortune to harvest and eat swamp cabbage, or the heart of the Sabal Palm three different times. The first tree fell casualty to our new shed. We had to do some clearing to get the shed in. That was the only tree other than […]

How’s It Growing?

It is December, just before the shortest day of the year. Here are some pics from the gardens including the new box gardens. This so far has been a good season for South Florida growers. There is lots to eat in the garden. Here are some pics from the last 30 days or so.


This growing season has been fabulous so far. Great food has been coming into my kitchen from the garden everyday, and there has been lots of surplus to sell off or share. We are deeply grateful.

The Demise Of My Seminole Pumpkin Vine

I killed the Seminole Pumpkin vine. It had taken over three 50 sq. ft. sections of my garden and ran around the fence blocking five sections and two out of three gates. It was cathartic to get that thing out of my garden. I am working quickly now to prepare those sections for replanting. I […]

The No Dig Garden Prototype 2

In an effort to quickly bring forth new gardens for this planting season I have completed and planted my second No Dig Garden Box. It is a little different than my first box mentioned in The No Dig Garden Box

I built this latest box with heavier lumber and it is wider and longer. I […]

The No Dig Garden Box

I have decided to pour on the coals. I am taking my own advice. I say “If you don’t have a food garden make one, and if you already have a garden add a little more growing space and create some surplus.”.
I am adding a few new beds for this growing […]

Seminole Pumpkins

A lady friend and I shared a Seminole Pumpkin we got at VarriGreen Farm in Okeechobee Florida. It was delicious, and we got lots of seeds. My friend Holly suggested I try to grow them over the South Florida summer months when only the most heat tolerant crops will grow. In July I put […]

Path To Freedom

I was checking into Joel Salatin, well respected practitioner of sustainable farming when I found this video. I have been agonizing over whether I have space enough on my property for more than gardening. Now I feel certain I do. Check this out, no matter how you feel about your garden this […]

Soil Tilth And The No Till Garden

I am having a revolution in the garden of my mind. That garden happens long before I tie on a bandana, don gloves hat and clippers and walk out the door. As I prepare several of my garden sections for the South Florida Fall planting I am for the first time planning not to dig […]