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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Education: Florida Small Farms Conference, Part II

In my last article Education: Florida Small Farms Conference I wrote a lot about what we were fed by farmers and ranchers while we attended the conference, and I wrote a lot about the issues facing small ranches in Florida. In this article I intend to mention the classes I attended, and what I took…
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The Story Of Lettuce The Frog

A month later when my brother and his eldest daughter came to visit Florida they packed Lettuce the frog into a bag of organic lettuce, put the lettuce bag into her backpack, and that night Lettuce the frog was release back into the garden from which he came. He had traveled a total of 2,000 miles, spent several weeks in a terarium in a zone 5 town in February, and survived to return to the land of his hatching.


Greenbrier, Catbrier, Horsebrier, Smilax from the family Smilacaceae is edible. Not just edible for my rabbits, it is also edible for me. Better than edible it tastes great. I have heard it called wild asparagus, and I have found pieces so vigorous and large that they resembled asparagus tips a little. Like asparagus the part…
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Traditional and Conventional Growing

The state of our current economy is unsustainable. Our energy sources and rate of energy consumption are unsustainable. Our food supply system as well as our conventional agricultural practices are also unsustainable. To be sustainable means that we can generate the stuff of our needs without depletion. We are either on course for destroying ourselves, or we are on a course for sustainability. My choice is for sustainability. I can not take giant steps in reducing my personal consumption, but every day I take small steps toward sustainable living practices, and I see my neighbors doing the same.

The Compost Pile

I have been for many years creating compost for my vegetable garden by composting directly into fallow sections. I garden in South Florida. Our growing seasons are upside down here. Most of our vegetable growing is done in the winter when the humidity is down, and our lowest temperatures rarely make […]


I have some new friends. They are Rabbits. They are my guests, and they are my employees too. Here’s the deal; I adopted them from Creature Safe Place. They needed a loving home. I built them a bunker. O.k., it was supposed to be a hutch but it is so predator proof that […]

Creature Safe Place

 Creature Safe Place is an awesome not for profit wildlife rescue organization as well as a great friend of ours here at Manure Depot.    My amazing friend Wynn with the help of her also amazing husband Bob nurse, house, rehabilitate, and sometimes provide hospice for injured wild life. At any given time at Creature Safe…
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