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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Garden Amendments: About Alfalfa & Peanut Hay Fall 2011

In my In The Garden articles about the Lasagna Layer Mounds the garden amendments straw, manure, and alfalfa hay are frequently mentioned. They are the ingredients for the garden mounds, but they are something else as well. Of course we know manure is a waste product from livestock farming or ranching, and we know straw,…
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Manure: An Earthworm Inoculant for Compost?

Eventually when I speak to people about their compost piles and bins the inquiry turns to earthworms, and whether they should *buy worms to add to their compost piles. I always say “Put your compost on the ground, and the earth worms will come.”. That, it seems, has always been true for me, or has…
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Ahhh Manure part 1

  Ahhhh Manure.  Where to start?  One can’t very well be a great natural gardener without recognizing the power of the poo, the might and magic of manure.   Manure is compost, manure can be added to compost, added to garden soil, or even used as a side dressing for established plants.      …
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