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Education: What to Plant in The Summer Garden @ Heathcote Botanical Gardens

I am back in my own garden again with a vengeance after the permaculture workshop at Heathcote Botanical Gardens. Time is flying and I have begun to consider what I am planting this summer, and when.
At 1:00 PM on Sunday February 5 at Heathcote Botanical Gardens I will be presenting a class on what […]

The No Till No Dig Way: The Invisible Garden Mound Ingredient

As you know, the easiest way to pursue the no till no dig way in the vegetable garden is to build a lasagna layer mound. I have written a few posts on this subject so far, mostly listing the ingredients and the order of the layers as they should be put down. You can review […]

Soil Tilth And The No Till Garden

I am having a revolution in the garden of my mind. That garden happens long before I tie on a bandana, don gloves hat and clippers and walk out the door. As I prepare several of my garden sections for the South Florida Fall planting I am for the first time planning not to dig […]