Lasagna Mound Garden Recipe

Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Lasagna Mound Garden Recipe

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  1. Cristina de la Vega says:

    HI Adina, I am wondering how you start up the second year in your lasagna garden. Everything is nicely composted. Should I rake it up and use it as compost? Or just start with the layers without the newspaper?

  2. Adina says:

    Hi Cristina, In an ideal South Florida gardener’s world we have been composting yard wastes since starting our garden so that we have lots of compost to work with, and if we have not planted during the summer season then we piled organic wastes like leaves and manure, grass clippings, and kitchen wastes onto our mounds and covered them over with straw for the summer so that we would be ready to plant come fall. And then there’s the actual world.

    If you can avoid raking or disturbing the soil you made last season, don’t rake. If you have lots of compost, put down five to 8 inches of compost on your mound and grow again. Or you can re-pile your mound just like you did last year with the hay, manure, straw, manure, and compost or composted cow manure. You probably can leave out the newspaper this time.
    Best of luck to you in your garden this season.

  3. Adina says:

    Thanks for your comment Nancy.

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