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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Bunny Rabbits: Pearl & Elliot’s Rescue

Several weeks after Hurricane Irma, a lady in the neighborhood, Tina, saw these two rabbits out like this.  She posted a notice on the Next Door app to see if anyone had lost pet rabbits. No one knew where they had come from, but every day she saw them in the same place outside of…
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More Weeds for Rabbits

I have discovered a couple more weeds in the garden that are good for Rabbit snacks since my original post Weeds: Food For Rabbits and I have also discovered that several of these that Rabbits can eat are also edible for humans. One plant from the original post Weeds: Food For Rabbits, Greenbrier is […]

Weeds: Food For Rabbits

I recently acquired three female bunnies. Being a Manure Maven, and an avid gardener this was bound to happen. They were at Creature Safe Place in Fort Pierce Florida. They had been rescued. I adopted them. What I knew about bunnies that day you could write in a line or […]


I have some new friends. They are Rabbits. They are my guests, and they are my employees too. Here’s the deal; I adopted them from Creature Safe Place. They needed a loving home. I built them a bunker. O.k., it was supposed to be a hutch but it is so predator proof that […]