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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Garden Pests: Pests and Disease In The Permaculture Garden

I recently received a comment from a reader Marco in response to my article Garden Pests: Nematodes¬†. In his comment he wrote: “Great list of things to try but do any of them actually work effectively?¬†I suspect most of it is good in theory or just plain myth and does not work in practice for…
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Garden Pests: No Problem If You Foster Soil Life, Diversity and Balance

After I wrote the article Garden Pests: Nematodes I received a comment from Naomi. She wrote “Wow, mind boggling how many things can go wrong in a vegetable garden!” Her comment made me realize that I did not bring home the point of my article very well. While there are lots of potential problems […]

Garden Pests: Nematodes

In the garden nematodes can be a blessing or a curse. Nematodes in compost are great eaters in natures great cafeteria. They consume bacteria and other invertebrates in the compost pile and help to prepare nitrogen for plant consumption. Compost nematodes also consume plant nematodes when they are together in soil. Plant nematodes are garden pests and a problem for many southern growers.

Nematodes: Organic Biological Garden Pest Control

I was visiting my friends Wynn and Bob at Creature Safe Place one day, and I noticed that I was not being attacked by mosquitoes which is unusual pretty much anywhere in S. Florida where there is vegetation, but really unusual at Creature Safe Place because it is surrounded by woods and pasture, and they…
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Predaceous Insects: More On Organic Gardening and Insect Pests

Organic gardening is not about doing nothing to help your garden thrive and wishing for results while accepting unreasonable losses. It is about employing naturally occurring systems present in our environment so as to eat without doing damage to our ecosystem. It is about fostering interdependence with our world rather than conquering and ultimately destroying it. This is not mumbo jumbo new age magic, it is solid science with practical applications, it is stuff we knew once and forgot along the way. You can do this too.

Pest Control?

I made the acquaintance of a lovely lady tonight. I am sure we will be fast friends. I was a guest in her home and I brought her a plant from my garden for hers. She recognized a garden advocate in me and asked me about how she might control some pesky […]