Education: Layer Mound Workshop in Vero Beach, Florida

Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Education: Layer Mound Workshop in Vero Beach, Florida

Lucie and I will be presenting a Layer Mound Garden class and workshop Saturday August 24, at 10am at the Peak Health and Fitness project location in Vero Beach, Florida. Come take the class, have a live organic vegan juice on us, and learn hands on how to layer up a garden for an instant fertile garden. We are just weeks before planting of fall and winter annuals begins, so the timing of this workshop is perfect for South and East Central Florida gardeners who want to grow this season. See the flyer below for details.

Flyer For Workshop

Flyer For Workshop

8 Responses

  1. Terry Bishop says:

    I want to learn how………

  2. Adina says:

    Excellent Mark. See you there.

  3. Adina says:

    Hi Terry, Then I hope you do.

  4. Sara says:

    Sounds amazing–wish I could attend!

  5. If you want great vegetables then don’t miss this event. Take it from me, Danny Lehrman. Hey Adina, what’s for dinner?

  6. Adina says:

    Thanks for your comments Sara and Danny. I wish you could be there too.

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