Friends’ & Clients’ Gardens: Mark’s Front Yard

Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Friends’ & Clients’ Gardens: Mark’s Front Yard

This front yard project started in mid February. I am posting pics from before and from time to time. This is an ongoing project as gardens are constantly changing themselves, but the instant results are stunning even in pictures. Seeing the speedy evolution of this garden project is a thrill. Mark is really excited about how its going, and Mark’s neighbors have gone from speculating on Mark’s sanity (when it appeared that his front yard had been converted to a large golden pile of straw) to really enjoying their walks past his madly growing yard. Mark works 5 days a week. We did this project in just 3 half day segments. The first and most intensive attended by a great host of Mark’s friends whose many hands made light work. Throughout we have been adding in young perennial plants and trees including rose apple, cassava, carambola, miracle fruit, moringa, sweet potatoes, papaya, pineapples, tithonia and cranberry hibiscus.

I started this project before my permaculture design course, and have continued to work on it since then. Also since then I have teamed up with Permaculture Designer Lucie Burke to start the Florida Regenerative Landscapes partnership. We are currently working on a new landscape at the Peak Fitness and LOV Juice juice bar at 801 20th Place in Vero Beach Florida. We are available for hire if you would like a healthy edible landscape for your own property on the Treasure Coast.



Materials Collected At The Job Site

Materials Collected At The Job Site

Many Hands

On Blitz Day

Blitz Day

Blitz Day

In March

March: Fuzz of Young Plants Coming Up.

May 2013

May: View From The House

Corn Patch

Corn Patch In May

Corn Patch

Corn Patch Street View June

Final Section

Last Section Prepared And Seeded

Final Section

Final Section Up In June

8 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Wow–amazing and exciting transformation!!

  2. You did an outstanding job. I wanted to say nice truck. Where did you get a beautiful 88 GMC? Your husband must be very handy with auto repairs.

  3. Kelly Nosler says:

    We need an edible landscape business here! Glad to see it! Looks great!

  4. Adina says:

    Thank you for your comment Kelly.

  5. Adina says:

    Thanks for your comment Sara.

  6. Adina says:

    Thanks for admiring the pickup truck Danny. It is my husband’s luxury vehicle.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Wow! What an amazing job! I love seeing the pictures!

  8. Adina says:

    Thanks for your comment Kimberly.

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