More Organic Harvest Pictures

Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

More Organic Harvest Pictures

Oh gee, It is May now and I haven’t been posting pics from all the lovely food I have been growing. This is the season for changing from cool weather vegetables to warm season vegetables. These pics are from the beginning harvests of beans and the end of lettuce radishes, mustards, beats and large tomatoes. I have been selling some of my surplus vegetables to a handful of people who are eating better on account of my garden. It has been a blast learning how to plant successively, and plan for the next crops season. Right now Black Eye Peas are coming up next to Okra, Collard Greens are hanging in, bush beans are still producing, and pole beans are beginning to kick in. Biter gourd is coming up now, and the garden is mad with small native cherry tomatoes. They don’t seem to mind the heat one bit. It is summer crop season and time for building and planning next fall’s gardens. I am psyched!

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