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Sweet Potatoes


Permaculture instructs the way we grow here. From ornamentals, to perennial crops, annual crops, and wild plants. There are no lines between, and every edge is an explosion of diversity. 

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John Doe

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Our Community



Linda Hart and Turkey Hen


Linda Hart, Crazy Hart Ranch, Fellsmere, FL

Susana Working With Corn


Susana Lein, Salamander Springs Farm, KY

Susana Lein Visiting Gibbons Farm


Susana Lein,  Jim Gibbons, Gibbons’ Organics

Holding The Long Beans


Nan, Renee

JoEllen And Her Giant Carrots



Applying Manure and Hay


Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Sweet Potatoes

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Adina Lehrman

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In The Garden: Growing Pineapples in the Sub Tropics

Here on the Treasure Coast pineapple production has had a long and not always happy history. Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries pineapple plantations on the Treasure[…]

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Bunny Rabbits: Pearl & Elliot’s Rescue

Several weeks after Hurricane Irma, a lady in the neighborhood, Tina, saw these two rabbits out like this.  She posted a notice on the Next Door app to see if[…]

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Halpatiokee Buffer Preserve February, 2017

This isn’t just about destroying beauty, as though that isn’t enough of a crime. There is so much more to this land than that. I am not the writer to tell you about all of the important ecosystems at work on this amazing piece of land, though I suggest you read about them for yourself. The telling requires the expertise of a River Keeper, a Native Plant enthusiast, an Audubon Naturalist, a Florida Park Ranger, a Botanist, a Zoologist, and an expert in the Science of Whole Systems Relationships.

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