Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

In addition to growing annual and perennial vegetables and fruits, concocting compost, designing and creating food forests, and writing about it all I have a licensed organic garden consulting business in St. Lucie County, The Compost Gardener. If you want to grow food, plant trees and shrubs, or make a compost heap or amazing soil for your organic garden, or if you already grow food but would like to learn how to do it organically, more easily or naturally, and you find all of this interesting, but you are unsure of how to proceed I can help you.

I can do as little as give advice or as much as plan out and build your vegetable garden, landscape, orchard or compost heap in your yard. In St. Lucie County call 772 240-6695. If your phone number does not begin with 772 you may have to leave a message to get a call back. You can also contact me by email

I am also a founding partner in another Permaculture Design and installation company with Permaculture Designer Lucie Burke. Florida Regenerative Landscapes, LLC We not only design and install edible landscapes we also design to restore ecosystems in the yard to better balance pest insects with the insects and small creatures that consume them. We have designed HOA friendly landscapes that bring food and balanced ecology into even the tidiest of gated communities. You can call 772-240-6695, or 772-473-7230.

Lucie and I have been called to do quite a few whole yard consultations. This is a great service for people who are quite able to and enjoy doing work in their own yards, but are unsure how to proceed to create a more natural habitat and a simpler food production system. We are the fresh eyes on your garden (everyone needs a fresh eyes visit from time to time). We see the potential in your yard for whole system health and productivity. A consult within 40 miles of central Fort Pierce is just $150. We spend and hour with you in your yard observing what you’ve done so far and listening to you talk about what you hope to do or have done in the future. We take notes and then produce a document about your yard and it’s potential with ideas for specific areas, and solutions for issues you perceive to be problems.

The Donate button is for those who want to pay for consultations securely on the internet. Clicking on the Donate button will take you to a secure https page for payments where you can use your major credit card or paypal.