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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Everything Manure: Bunny Balls

In the world of garden manures Rabbit Manure (Bunny Balls) is one of the most fondly regarded. Using livestock manures to help build your soil or compost means not having to spread synthetic fertilizers on your plants. It is a consistent slow release way to improve soil so that plants can develop an interdependence with the soil and feed themselves.

Everything Manure: Making Your Own Manure Compost, Pictures

Here are some pictures to go along with the article Everything Manure: Making Your Own Manure Compost

Everything Manure: More On Handling Manure

I heard from a customer that while he was out shoveling manure off of a pasture (not his own) his children were out there running around barefoot in that pasture. Manure is an excellent garden and compost additive. It will bring biological life, tilth, micro and macro nutrients to your soil. It can also bring…
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Everything Manure: Making Your Own Manure Compost

I have written quite a few articles about making your own compost using your kitchen garbage, manure, leaves and other carbonaceous wastes. In my last article Composted Cow Manure and The Commando Garden I wrote about composted cow manure and how to use it as a stand in when all of your home made compost…
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Manure: An Earthworm Inoculant for Compost?

Eventually when I speak to people about their compost piles and bins the inquiry turns to earthworms, and whether they should *buy worms to add to their compost piles. I always say “Put your compost on the ground, and the earth worms will come.”. That, it seems, has always been true for me, or has…
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Composting and Soil for The Organic Gardener

Everything you need to create a good and fruitful organic garden is readily available to you when you need it, and it doesn’t cost you anything but some time and some effort. All organic gardens start with great soil. Great soil is easy to make, but it needs some time, so start now. Gather vegetable…
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Yellow Queen Palm Experiment

I have a very small Queen Palm or Cocos Plumosa in some of the whitest soil on my property. That poor palm has been yellow for as long as I can remember. Over the course of many years I have done very little for it. I am sure that at least once I have put…
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