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The No Till No Dig Way: Gardening 101, It’s Easy, Really!

I made a new friend who is not yet gardening and was rather intimidated by it and quite sure it would take him a long time to learn how to grow food. He mentioned to me that he thought he should take a Gardening for Dummies Class, and that what I had to offer was […]

The No Till No Dig Way: Revisiting Soil Tilth and The No Till Garden

No Till Garden

In the article Soil Tilth and The No Till Garden I wrote about my first season as a no till grower. I had questions about how the organic materials I piled onto the tops of my garden beds would wind up helping plants roots and soil below the level […]

The No Till No Dig Way: Once You Know Why You Will Know How

With most practices once you know why you do something you will intuitively know how. It is that way with no till gardening.

When I first started to employ no till methods in my gardens I suspected it was the right thing to do, I had begun to believe it would increase yields, and further improve […]

Composting: To Turn or Not To Turn?

Turning Up The Fork

If you have been reading this blog you know that my gardens have been thriving in the no till fashion of growing which means, for those of you who are new to this blog, that I grow without turning, tilling, compressing or in any other ways disturbing […]

The No Till No Dig Way: The Invisible Garden Mound Ingredient

As you know, the easiest way to pursue the no till no dig way in the vegetable garden is to build a lasagna layer mound. I have written a few posts on this subject so far, mostly listing the ingredients and the order of the layers as they should be put down. You can review […]

The No Till No Dig Way: Why Soil Should Not Be Disturbed

Many consumers and new gardeners are focusing on Organic food and on Organic growing principles for the first time. This is a good start. Unfortunately many growers who are learning about organic principles miss the point and simply switch to organic fertilizers and organic pesticides while adhering to their familiar conventional garden and soil managment […]

The No Till No Dig Way: Revisiting The Lasagna Garden Mound

The quickest way to get your garden growing in a hurry and without any previous plan is to build a lasagna garden or mound.

I have written the recipe for this in the article The No Dig Garden Box, and I thought since I find myself talking about this garden so frequently and my old […]

How No Till Farming Affects Sustainability and The Conventional Farmer

I met a conventional vegetable farmer at the Green Market where he sets up a booth every Saturday.
We have had a few conversations about growing and farming. He tells me he is the fourth generation of sustainable farmers from Indiana, but he sold his land there and bought a piece here in Florida. He works […]

The No Dig Garden Prototype 2

In an effort to quickly bring forth new gardens for this planting season I have completed and planted my second No Dig Garden Box. It is a little different than my first box mentioned in The No Dig Garden Box

I built this latest box with heavier lumber and it is wider and longer. I […]

The No Dig Garden Box

I have decided to pour on the coals. I am taking my own advice. I say “If you don’t have a food garden make one, and if you already have a garden add a little more growing space and create some surplus.”.
I am adding a few new beds for this growing […]

Soil Tilth And The No Till Garden

I am having a revolution in the garden of my mind. That garden happens long before I tie on a bandana, don gloves hat and clippers and walk out the door. As I prepare several of my garden sections for the South Florida Fall planting I am for the first time planning not to dig […]