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Halpatiokee Buffer Preserve February, 2017

Halpatiokee Buffer Preserve: Mock Memorial

I went to the Halpatiokee Buffer Preserve Park in Port St. Lucie today. I am not happy to say this was my first visit there, and this likely,¬†my last. The City of Port St. Lucie is about to run a six lane bridge (The Crosstown Parkway) right […]

About A Glitch In My Site

I posted an article about A Year In The Permaculture Garden, but the link wouldn’t open the page, so I deleted the article and remade it, did some other hocus pocus and now it works. Unfortunately everyone who is signed up for email will get one broken email link to an article¬†that goes to an […]

Under Construction

Hold onto your hats, I have some work to do on my blog and there may be some disruptions and there are going to be some changes in our look here at

Thanks for your patience.

Education: Harvesting In The Garden @ Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Broccoli Harvest

I will be presenting Harvesting In The Garden @ Heathcote Botanical Gardens in the office 10am Saturday September 22 2012. Learn what we grow, what parts we harvest and use, how we use or don’t use water during the harvest, and how to use store or save what we grow.

The […]

Education: Pests and Disease In The Organic Garden @ Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Lady Beetles and Aphids on Dill

Pests and Disease In The Organic Garden will be the subject of my presentation 10AM Saturday August 25th at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in the old house.

We will be examining the roles of pest, predaceous and parasitoid insects in the garden. We will also learn to […]

A Not So Funny Joke

I have seen this joke posted on many websites. I have copied and pasted it here because it is so relevant. As far as I can tell the author is unknown.

The Suburbanites

Author unknown


Frank, you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there on […]

Inner Life: Another Video That Will Inspire The Grower In You

Sometimes time spent in the garden isn’t enough. Sometimes the hard work, or difficulties of weather extremes expected and unexpected, and the effort spent dealing with such difficulties, can be exhausting. Even successes in the garden are exhausting. Once it is harvest time the work can seem endless, and even most bad weather won’t stop […]


Most Saturday mornings you can find me in the worm booth at the Fort Pierce Downtown Green Market, but this weekend, February 6 and 7, 2010 you will find me and my associate Pat Brown at the Vero Beach Gardenfest at the Riverside Park. There are excellent plants for sale there as well as […]

Why We Should Be Saving Seeds

Here is a really great article about saving seeds and why we should all be doing it. It is written by Suzanne Richmond the Orlando Gardening Examiner from the Examiner .(dot) com.

Saving and swapping seeds: Creating your own hardy strains

Ever consider the magic that is inside of a little tomato seed? It is […]

Compost Bins

Here’s a very cool link to bin composters.

Politics Damnit

I saw the Vice Presidential Debate tonight. It looked to me like a clear win for Joe Biden, but sometimes I feel like my country’s gone mad and I worry that some voter majority has missed what I clearly saw. Cheers to Obama/Biden in the White House January 2009. We so need […]