Politics Damnit

Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Politics Damnit

I saw the Vice Presidential Debate tonight. It looked to me like a clear win for Joe Biden, but sometimes I feel like my country’s gone mad and I worry that some voter majority has missed what I clearly saw. Cheers to Obama/Biden in the White House January 2009. We so need a change.

Back to the garden now. I am only coming out to vote!


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  1. I saw it too. Boy, just who I want to be a vise president. A low flying helicopter riding animal killer with a pregnant daughter and no viable or confidence building vice presidential experience. Actually, no experience that qualifies her to be in politics. All I hear is bad stuff about her. Figures, the idiots always deny bad stuff, G. Bush was elected twice!
    Is there a redeeming quality in her?

  2. I see a business card advertisement in the local paper for composting. Very interesting. I have been
    a veggie gardener ever since I ate one of Grandma’s tomatoes back in Iowa from a farm wifes
    kitchen garden. Gee…that was about 50 years ago. Of course I could not practice my love of gardening
    until I became an adult and that was’nt until 1969. In those years before I owned my own land I am sure
    I infuriated many a landlord by digging up the grass and putting in vegetables. Best thing about being
    a vegetable gardener is the love of the soil and the bounty it provides.
    What really surprised me was that within the first minute of reading this web page you go straight into
    politics.What an ass you are. You could have had a fine web site talking about the love of the soil that
    we both have and turn it into something political. Shame on you !
    Let us see if you post this and leave it up.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Dean, Thanks for your comment. I am glad we share a love for the soil and what it brings forth. I am deeply passionate about our need to grow and how it links us to our world (and each other). I am also deeply passionate about my country and it’s current state of decay. I see great hope and potential for proper growth and radical changes in the way we view and care for our earth with just one candidate, Barack Obama. To me this feels very much like a green issue, and this blog will (unfortunately perhaps) continue to represent MY passions for all green growth.

    I would like very much to keep you as a reader Dean. Less than one percent of my blog is political. I hope you will try reading around what you don’t care for. In the past Americans were able to share passions where they intersected, and ignore those which didn’t. You may find too that I have garden practices with which you do not agree. I would love to hear from you on that as well!
    Happy Gardening. A.

  4. Ok here we go…. I am the only person I know that always grows a vegetable garden. A real veg.
    garden with kohlrabi and brussel sprouts. All the rest are Home Depot wanna bees that give maters
    and peppers and if you be afro/amer collards a chance. The Roadle Press down here is a fish squish
    machine for the readers of this web site. Know what I mean ? You may be from MD. but you write
    more like N. California. I was a socalist at one time and moved to follow the cooperative farming of
    Juan Velasco Pres. of Peru’ in 1969. I am still married to my Peruvian wife of 38 years. Everybody
    back then was a big fan of Fidel and the Roadale press was just starting to crank things out. Well
    I will tell you what ! Socialism is a failure as it was back then, organic gardening is just great if you
    have enough money to feed your family in the event of a total crop failure due to insects and bt. may
    not be perfect but I will be damned if I am letting my entire brassica crop go to the worms.
    How many people in the world are we supposed to let starve just because some liberal wanna feel
    good about not using petro chemicals on food. Let them die ! We can always go to the green market
    in downtown Ft Pierce and if it rains we can go to Publix.
    I lived in Peru’ for a decade and I know what hunger and amost starvation is.
    We also did not have a web hosting service for $4.99 a month that nobody reads and we have to
    place an advertisement in Scripps Newspapers to try and generate a readership base.
    Let us see if you leave this post up !!!!!

  5. Winnie says:

    In comment to the prior blog …
    I look at a blog as a gathering … lets say you walk into a room with many people. They are in different groups with different ideas.
    Some are only into how they into how they look to others. Some are so darn high they dont care … Some are drunk from self indulgence.
    Every now and then you walk up on anothers conversation and find your self drawn into the others intrege and find their generocity to give their ideas drawing you into that conversation.
    Many people are braggers and one finds them shallow or inept of conversation….. while others are shy. Some dont know how beautiful they are and are stiffled by those that feel them selves better. i can go on and on with this. I can go on and on…
    The point I will make here is … you can always walk out of the room. You can bite your tounge and you can realize that where ever you just arrived from that you have freedom … Yes … the right to speak about politics or if purple is the color of poop.
    Dean … if you are as traveled as you say … then you know what I speak of … Please be thankfull that you have the freedom to say what you feel and not attack the right of others to do the same.
    This is a wonderful site … it is informative and very interesting. Were you having a diffucult day on #2 or are you just trying to “one up a conversation” … It seems that you have a lot to offer this forum … but an attack can be sooo hurtful. It seems that you could offer so much more from your life experance to it.
    Thankfully we can grow our own …. and talk about who may run the country as it is our freedom and first amendment that is at stake in a venue as such.
    As with the room full of people …. you can always turn around and walk out the door … but I bet if you are nice that you will leave with a full heart of the gift of giving and recieveing instead of getting and taking.
    In closing. Be nice to this person … it is a right to publish weather you are for or against.
    Please share your gardening gifts and offer opinions with out malace … as it seems that you have much to share … and your political opinion is important also … but could you not be so harsh … Please..

    To the origanator of this post … kudos … applause .. applause and a standing ovation for the great things you are doing … I look forward to reading more about greening up my life and natures bounty…
    Looking forward to next seasons home grown tomatoe tips …

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment Dean, You don’t have to challenge me to put your comments up. Unless they are profane, spam or irrelevant I will post them. I am sure my other reader finds this fascinating. hehe

    As you intuit who I might be (right or wrong) from my writing. I intuit that your grandmother’s kitchen garden was growing long before the second world war and therefore long before any farmer or gardener dreamed of using chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the food he or she ate. While we can not go back to living in that past, and quite frankly I don’t care to, we can go back and learn about sustainable farming and growing practices, and we can use them to seriously grow food because our lives do depend upon it.

    I write about how it goes in my garden in my blog, and the lessons it teaches me. If you care to use thuricide bt in your garden that has no effect on mine, and that I choose not to shouldn’t bother yours either, although if I read you right it infuriates you?

    I really want people to grow food at home, and I want to help them, and this helping thing is my new business, and it is one way I hope to earn a living now that I find myself like many Americans having to reinvent my professional self. I run ads in the newspaper not so much to attract angry gardeners to my blog but rather to attract would be, or wanna be (as you say) gardeners who desperately want to grow food here at home naturally and successfully, and need some hands on help. I think garden know how needs to spread not hoarded.

    I often witness that old ideas die hard. People who have grown to depend on certain substances, or certain ways of doing things do not want to let go, even if there is a better way, or a reason to change. I don’t find myself aching to change people who don’t care to change. I am willing to live and let live. I meet plenty enough stunning people who will from time to time examine staid practices against the backdrop of current issues and try on new ideologies if the reasoning behind them is sound. I am one small voice, and as you point out one not widely read, but one in a chorus of voices raised for the principles of sustainable farming and growing practices.
    Stay tuned for my next article, and thanks for reading. 😀
    Happy Gardening

  7. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments Winnie. I love your party analogy. Thanks also for your kudos and support.

  8. Dean, you talk endlessly about yourself. You don’t seem very interesting to me.It seems that you are the only legit gardener in the country. As you proclaim to be.
    You have not added anything but worthless words to this forum. I would rather hear more about your gardening methods than your sour political attitude.
    I got your political vibe the first time. This is the most informative site on the internet on organic gardening, yet.
    Within a minute of reading your comments it became obvious you did not come to this cool site for it’s content. You came to fight. You have said a lot of wasted words. Lighten up old dude, it is America, you can vote for who you choose, I don’t care to hear your vibe anymore, as it seems most of the commentors feel the same way the author does.
    You should continue to read this site though, you might learn something!

  9. Winnie says:

    Hi … I look forward to reading you site and find it a part of my evening computer ritual. This is a wonderful site and I hope it continues to grow …
    My request is this:
    According to the seasons … could you highlight a “vegetable plant of the month”.
    For instance … I want/crave to grow delicious tomatoes. I would like to eventually grow all types …
    all colors and sizes….. but really just want to know is the basics. Any one can buy a book … but your passion for the soil is something to be admired and worth sharing.
    What type should I start with that is hardy? What type of compost is best for the soil? When to water?
    Should I spend time preparing the soil … You know just the basics. Next I would like to learn about beans … squash ect. A little bit about the history of the type of veggie would be interesting to … such as heirlooms. Also saving seeds, drying gourds ect.
    I think this would be great to expand my garden results as last year I harvested 3 half dollar size tomatoes and 6 beans… I think I can do better with your expertise.
    I love to grow my own, but my inexperance is my ignorance on this subject…..
    Thank you for being my garden guru.

  10. Holly says:

    To Dean Jacobson,

    I am offended and deeply troubled by your tone. You have insulted a well- intentioned and well educated blogger for doing just that… educating and blogging! You curse, you insult and I believe you to be an ignorant (not knowing any better) person. If you do not like the blog you read, please stop reading it.

    I for one, and I know I am not alone, enjoy, need and thrive on the freedom of information provided by internet blogging and the sharing of ideas. Please do think twice the next time you have nothing better to do than insult and curse. Ideas are for sharing, not for squeltching.

    Shame on YOU.

    Organic gardener with enough experience to know this woman knows her manure,
    Holly Lankow

  11. admin says:

    Wow Thanks for your flattering comment Holly. Thank all of you who commented, I am very touched that y’all wanna take care of me. And thanks too to Dean (I hope you still come around.). You make this blog more interesting and engaging. Just look how you’ve brought my friends to comment here! Cheers, A.

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