Seminole Pumpkins

A lady friend and I shared a Seminole Pumpkin we got at VarriGreen Farm in Okeechobee Florida. It was delicious, and we got lots of seeds. My friend Holly suggested I try to grow them over the South Florida summer months when only the most heat tolerant crops will grow. In July I put a few seeds in a 50 sq. ft. section of my garden. No one bothered to warn me about how large this plant gets! It has taken over three 50 sq.ft. sections. It wants two more, but I am pushing it back. It has taken over the fence around 4 sections, and I have to keep cutting it away from the last two of three gates. It keeps growing them shut. I have put in 4 bamboo teepees. The pumpkin monster has swallowed them up. It has been flowering for at least a month now. I don’t like to count my pumpkins before they’re harvested, so I say only that this is so far a tremendous plant. I manured that garden with Alpaca/Pony manure about a month before I planted the seeds. Should it make a harvest I will photograph that too. Wish me good luck gardeners, and I will wish you good luck too!

See into the future of this Seminole Pumpkin Garden.

Happy Gardening