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Sustainability: The Forest Garden

These days in all sorts of areas, from agriculture to oil, to mortgages and banking the buzzword is sustainability. When I examine my life style for sustainability I not only look at how I am growing today, I consider how my methods will work for me 20 years down the road. I can see where […]

Thank You!

I want to say thanks to the people who recently hit my donate button after receiving some useful advice. Whether you are one of the people who gave a few dollars, or the one who gave more, every bit counts and I am grateful.

Sincerely, Adina

Sustainability: The Transformation of John Rogers’ Land

I met John Rogers at Susana Lein’s Permaculture class at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in February 2011. He was already acquainted with Susana from having attended permaculture conferences with her. We were invited to visit his garden in Melbourne Florida and several other small farms and gardens nearby. John was in the process of transforming his […]

Sustainability: On Local Food and Community

One Saturday morning I was tending my booth at The Downtown Ft. Pierce Green Market, and while I was listening to a woman talk about local food it occurred to me that although we all throw the term local food around a whole lot we don’t spend much time exploring what local actually means and […]

Sustainability: Know Your Farmer Know Your Food

An Organic Farm

The USDA has launched a new website dedicated to better connecting consumers to their small and mid sized local farmers and ranchers. Know Your Farmer Know Your Food is the website. I have to hope that this is an earnest push toward sustainability by the USDA. Many of us […]

How No Till Farming Affects Sustainability and The Conventional Farmer

I met a conventional vegetable farmer at the Green Market where he sets up a booth every Saturday.
We have had a few conversations about growing and farming. He tells me he is the fourth generation of sustainable farmers from Indiana, but he sold his land there and bought a piece here in Florida. He works […]

Food Inc.

Check out this trailer for a must see movie coming this summer to a theater near you.

Up You Go!

In my last post Traditional And Conventional Growing I wrote a little about growing in sustainable ways and The Great Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. I want to write about what happened to the farms and ranches on the great plains states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico in the 1930’s and how that […]

Traditional and Conventional Growing

It wasn’t very long ago that I found out that people who farm with the aid of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers call themselves Conventional Farmers. That is good to know. We call ourselves Organic, or Natural which is the word I now lean towards more often. Organic is good, but as with everything else […]

Food Supply Crisis

Everything I read in the paper and on the internet, and every trend I see in the grocery store leads me to believe that our food system is about to have an upheaval. I think it will be tough for a while, and we consumers will suffer, but ultimately if we survive the food […]