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Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature

Friends: About Self Sufficiency and Interdependence

At Manure Depot I write about Embracing Our Interdependence With Nature, but I also write with self sufficiency in mind. In contemplating self sufficiency you may as I do come to the conclusion that it is an ideal concept, but a very difficult practical achievement. I personally know just one farmer I would call […]

Friends: Heathcote Botanical Garden’s Community Garden

Photos by Nan and Adina Heathcote Botanical Garden recently decided to create a community garden. I was fortunate to be at the first meeting about a year ago, and I was able to get involved with this project at the beginning. This community garden is currently focused on growing for a Sarah’s Kitchen in Port…
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Friends: S&S Takeout

Not long ago in the article Sustainability: On Local Food and Community I wrote about the value of pursuing local food. There is a very cool new vibe in town that very much supports local family farms. S&S Takeout is a new restaurant in Downtown Fort Pierce that is embracing the concept of local food…
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Of Friends, Fear, and Presence

I got an email from my friend Holly today. She is the hardest working gal I know, keeps a full time day job, grows for her own small CSA, and does singing gigs a couple of nights a week. She wanted me to know she had read my post Today In The Garden and loved…
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Varri Green Farm

Varri Green Farm is a wonderful Natural vegetable producer in Okeechobee Florida.

Crazy Hart Ranch

Linda Hart of Crazy Hart Ranch is raising pastured chickens and turkeys for the production of meat and eggs that are of a quality one can not find in the grocery store.

Creature Safe Place

 Creature Safe Place is an awesome not for profit wildlife rescue organization as well as a great friend of ours here at Manure Depot.    My amazing friend Wynn with the help of her also amazing husband Bob nurse, house, rehabilitate, and sometimes provide hospice for injured wild life. At any given time at Creature Safe…
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