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Creature Safe Place

 Creature Safe Place is an awesome not for profit wildlife rescue organization as well as a great friend of ours here at Manure Depot.  

 My amazing friend Wynn with the help of her also amazing husband Bob nurse, house, rehabilitate, and sometimes provide hospice for injured wild life. At any given time at Creature Safe Place you can find fox, and fawns, owls, hawks, kites, raccoons, opossums, and many other native wild animals being nutured back to health.  

Wynn rehabilitates orphaned juvenile or injured wildlife until they can be reintroduced to their natural habitat. She also rescues abandoned exotic pets and gives them a spacious outdoor shelter in which to finish out their lives without making an impact on our ecosystem. She makes homes for wildlife born into the pet industry, and abused or abandoned pets like rabbits hamsters, guinea pigs, homing pigeons, parrots, iguanas and chickens. They are taken in often without knowledge of previous history, and if she can bring them back to a level of acceptable health she will make them available for placement into a decent home. (Pet animals that have clearly been abused are never made available for adoption. Those creatures live out their lives as Wynn’s pets at Creature Safe Place.)  

 The animals at Creature Safe Place are given top rate care. Wynn chooses not to use chemical pesticides for pest control, and has learned how to use various nematodes and diatomaceous earth to control common insect infestations like fleas and mosquitoes.  The resident creatures at Creature Safe Place have many friends in the community and eat and live like royalty. 

I shovel manure there.  At anytime you can get some very interesting and nutritious exotic manures from me. Each time I go to Creature Safe Place to shovel manure I leave a donation check. You join me in helping to support an excellent cause when you purchase manure from Manure Depot


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  1. Carol says:

    Creature Safe Place is a wonderful asset to our community. Wynn treats each creature with love but even more important; with respect.
    Wynn and Bob are both very special people who are loved and appreciated by more people than they will ever know.

  2. admin says:

    Right on Carol. Thanks for your comment.

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