Inner Life: Another Video That Will Inspire The Grower In You

Sometimes time spent in the garden isn’t enough. Sometimes the hard work, or difficulties of weather extremes expected and unexpected, and the effort spent dealing with such difficulties, can be exhausting. Even successes in the garden are exhausting. Once it is harvest time the work can seem endless, and even most bad weather won’t stop the harvest. A grower may need to nourish the inner life, and reseed the creative spirit. Sometimes the cure is spending an hour lost in a good book, the right article or pics in a garden magazine or blog, and for me tonight it was this video. If you think your piece of land is too small to seriously farm, that you have maxed out the potential of your piece of land, you have to see this video. I posted one like it earlier. If you haven’t seen that one I suggest you see it too. Both are wicked inspirational. See Path To Freedom.