The No Dig Garden Prototype 2

In an effort to quickly bring forth new gardens for this planting season I have completed and planted my second No Dig Garden Box. It is a little different than my first box mentioned in The No Dig Garden Box

I built this latest box with heavier lumber and it is wider and longer. I used 2×10 boards by 8 feet long and by 4 feet long for the ends. I still used 2×4 stakes in the corners, but I used a 4×4 post in the front at the center outside of the box. This box is up against a south facing chain link fence. I intend to use it to support the upward growth of the cucumbers I put in at the back of the box. I also put in two varieties of sweet peppers, and broccoli. The last time I grew broccoli I had great greens, but no flowers. I am working for flowers this time!

It has been raining buckets everyday here in South Florida, and it has been very humid when it is not raining. It is hard to be disappointed by rain here, but if this keeps up all of my vegetables, even those in raised beds will turn to mush! I am hoping for the changes in weather that traditionally happen for us some time in October; cooler, and dryer. In the meantime I keep building boxes and planting.