Yellow Queen Palm Experiment

I have a very small Queen Palm or Cocos Plumosa in some of the whitest soil on my property. That poor palm has been yellow for as long as I can remember. Over the course of many years I have done very little for it. I am sure that at least once I have put a shovel full of Palm Fertilizer on it. It was better for a short time, but it always returns to yellow. This Palm matters very little to me. I have many more healthy specimens coming up all over my property. I see this poor little thing as a blessing though. It provides me with a chance to do an experiment. I have pulled the weeds from it’s drip line, and I have mulched it with tree leaves, bunny manure, and used coffee grounds.

The pictures show what has happened to my yellow Cocos Plumosa in a month since I mulched and fed the soil beneath it. New growth is coming out green. I will make another post on the progress of this experiment after another month or two no matter what happens. This is a simple experiment. I can put anything but synthetic fertilizer on it, and I will report everything that I apply, and post new pics.

2 Responses to Yellow Queen Palm Experiment

  1. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment Danny. This miracle is old as dirt, but let us continue to watch this experiment unfold and draw our conclusions then!

  2. Amazing at how effective the correct gardening techniques are. It is a modern miracle like modern medicine.

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