Today In The Garden

Today when I got up and went outside it was barely light, and getting darker. As I worked through my morning chores the darkness closed in, the wind blew and thunder shook the sky. It was a strange morning in the garden, they don’t usually start out like that, and in that strangeness, because it was different, I was paying attention. I was very aware of what was coming, aware of how my gardens looked in that moment made heavy with the promising storm. My chores done I lingered waiting, observing how the plants stood, especially my young pea plants, straining up to the darkening sky that would soon fall down upon them. Plants look different right before rain. Sometimes a heavy wilt is the surest sign that it is going to rain, but there was no wilt this morning.

The rain came down hard, and I stood indoors before the window watching the torrent, and feeling very strange about how the garden had seemed so different this morning.

When the sun came out again so did I, and it was lovely out there with the water droplets everywhere refracting the sunlight. Seeds I had planted a few days ago had all come up, and the garden smelled wet and earthy. I got some more chores done, and for the second time today I was there, and paying attention as the wind blew and the clouds and darkness closed in, thunder rumbled in the sky, and then rain came down hard once more.

It has been an unusual summer at my house because although we have had some rain, we have not had the every afternoon rain events that are common and needed in the summer here. Our summer afternoon rains cool the earth and the air, and when it comes late enough in the day it keeps us from heating up again. Without our rains we have had many days in a row in the mid 90’s. Afternoon rains are more normal for this time of year and when they come, they chase me indoors at a time when I am accustomed to going indoors for a rest anyway.

Today’s unusual morning storms broke my usual routine and woke me up. I was aware in the garden in a way I am not accustomed to. I am very grateful for that moment of awareness, and for the opportunity to see my gardens in a different way. I am also grateful for the opportunity I had to knock out some paper work today while it rained.

Sorry, no pics for this event. There was no camera present in the moments I observed today.

Garden on, and don’t forget to stop and take a look around.