Education: Planting Seeds Workshop

Layer Mound Workshop Gothic

Layer Mound Workshop Gothic

In September we the hardy souls depicted in this Layer Mound Gothic worked together to create this Keyhole Layer Mound Garden at Mark Stanley’s back yard. This Saturday, October 17, 2015, our next offering at the Mark Stanley Permaculture Homestead Garden is the Planting Seeds Workshop.

People who attend will be offered basic information about seeding the garden, depth and spacing for garden seeds and transplants, and several methods for seeding. We will also learn the difference between polycultures and monocultures in the garden, and some companion planting tips and tricks. This will be a hands on workshop, and attendees should come out of it feeling very certain about how to plant seeds and transplants in their own gardens.

If you are interested in attending, See the poster below for the details.

Seed Planting Workshop

Seed Planting Workshop

One Response to Education: Planting Seeds Workshop

  1. Sara says:

    Wow. I am so ignorant–wish I was local and could attend.

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